Vision and Ethos

Our Vision


Bringing light of Torah to the world by empowering and developing lifelong learners



School and parents work together to get the best for each and every child.



Opportunities for children to express themselves in as many different ways as possible to nurture talent.


Resilient Independent Learners 

Inspiring and supporting children to be independent, to self-regulate and to be adaptable.

Critical thinking

Expand the minds of young learners with a diverse and well-planned curriculum where they think for themselves to make their own judgments.


Working together to support others in and out of our school community to allow children to be the best versions of themselves.


Digitally literate

To understand how to use technology to build a better and sustainable world for the future.









Teach the child according to his individual needs and even when he is old he will not depart from it. -  Mishlei 22.6

Our Ethos


Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Jewish Primary School aims to provide high-quality experiences in all aspects of education and school life within an atmosphere where respect for the individual enables each of our pupils to flourish academically, emotionally and personally. We believe that this will enable children to develop into young people who are fulfilled and secure, socially aware and able to make a positive contribution to society and to our community.

We aim to do this in the context of a warm and welcoming Jewish environment so that our children will develop authentic Jewish values and a love of Jewish learning within a modern world. We see Zionism and a love of the State of Israel as important factors in our lives. We also promote and embrace a multicultural, tolerant and respectful Britain.

Ratified 18.10.17

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