School Principal - Rabbi Malcolm Herman

Rabbi Malcolm Herman LLB (Hons) is the Associate National Director of Seed - the leading organisation in the UK, specialising in Jewish family education. Malcolm spent almost ten years studying in Yeshiva. He also holds a law degree from the London School of Economics. His first position was as the Community Director of the Whitefield Synagogue in Manchester. He joined seed as Director of Programmes in 2001. He was appointed Associate National Director in 2014.

The goal of Seed is to equip parents with the ability to raise children with self-belief and genuine Jewish values, and Malcolm’s arrival at the organisation in 2001 acted as a major catalyst for the organisation’s expansion. In particular, he designed and implemented Seed's pioneering network of educational programmes for parents in Jewish primary schools. To date, he has educated thousands through lectures, workshops and seminars, giving parents wide-ranging practical skills based on principles of Torah.

Malcolm is a highly sought-after speaker across the UK and beyond, adept at presenting authentic concepts in an accessible manner and known for inspiring audiences with both humour and wisdom. As well as devising and delivering unique and creative programmes, Malcolm’s down-to-earth style and expertise draws many parents to seek his personalised advice on a one-to-one basis.

If you wish to contact Rabbi Herman, please so do via the School Office.

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