School Council

We have an active School Council with representatives from Year Three to Year Six.  Council members are elected each term by each of the classes. This is done through pre-prepared speeches read out anonymously to the class.  The Council meets twice a month and is actively involved in improving the school.  It suggests new initiatives.  This year, it took part in designing and creating the school calendar, creating a new school community house system, new playground equipment and a new school prospectus. Members liaise with their class peers to ensure that they have a good overview of opinions when discussing current issues. 

We asked former and current pupil delegates for their views on the School Council. Here are some of their responses. 

What do you like about the School Council?

Joe- I like being able to be part of a team that brings about change.
Ethan - It helps us know everyone in the school and look after them.
Libby - We come together to listen to each other’s positive thoughts about the school.
 Chloe - We can suggest what we want to suggest.

What do you hope to achieve?

Amy – make the school a better place
Libby – ditto